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February 25, 2019

Old Cahawba to Host March Cemetery Walking Tour


(Montgomery, AL) Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, a historic site operated by The Alabama Historical Commission, will be hosting its March Cemetery Walking Tour on Saturday, March 2 from 10:00am-11:00am.


The mysterious antiquity of Old Cahawba’s cemeteries reveals the richly layered history surrounding this celebrated ghost town. The one-hour guided tour will explore the New Cemetery, one of three undergoing restoration by the University of Alabama's Office of Archaeological Research. This tour will explore the personal accounts of some of those who lived here before joining its community of perpetual residents.


The guided tour is a paid admissions event at a rate of $8 per ticket. Purchases can be made at the Old Cahawba Visitor’s Center at 9518 Cahaba Road, Orrville, AL 36767, (334) 872-8058.


Located eight miles west of Selma, Cahawba was carved out of the wilderness to become Alabama’s first state capital in 1819. Although the state changed the location of the capital in 1826, Cahawba continued to grow into a thriving and wealthy river town. For a short time after the Civil War Cahawba attracted emancipated African Americans seeking new freedoms and political power. By 1870, however, the population diminished to 300. By the turn of the century most of Cahawba's buildings were lost to fire, decay, or dismantlement.


Old Cahawba not only carries the distinction of being the most famous ghost town in Alabama, it is also an important archaeological site and gateway to natural wonders. The Park remains a popular site for visitors who can explore a landscape of ruins and gravestones, hiking trails, and picturesque areas.


To learn more about Old Cahawba, or the Alabama Historical Commission, please visit www.ahc.alabama.gov.


About Old Cahawba

Old Cahawba lies at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers, and from 1819 to 1826 it served as Alabama’s first capital. Today, the Alabama Historical Commission owns and operates this significant archaeological site.


About the Alabama Historical Commission

Located in historic downtown Montgomery at 468 S. Perry Street, the Alabama Historical Commission is the state historic preservation agency for Alabama. The agency was created by an act of the state legislature in 1966 with a mission to protect, preserve and interpret Alabama’s historic places. AHC works to accomplish its mission through two fields of endeavor: Preservation and promotion of state-owned historic sites as public attractions; and, statewide programs to assist people, groups, towns, and cities with local preservation activities. For a complete list of programs and properties owned and operated by the AHC, hours of operation, and admission fees please visit ahc.alabama.gov  



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