Bottle Creek is one of the most important prehistoric Native American sites in Alabama, second only to Moundville. Located on Mound Island, in the heart of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, it is the largest mound complex on the northern Gulf coastal plain.

Bottle Creek was occupied from about 1250 and probably served as the principal political and religious center for what is now called Pensacola culture for the three centuries prior to European contact. Bottle Creek continued to be Mound L an important site for local Indians, such as the Mobilians, well into the eighteenth century, and French explorer and founder of Mobile Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, is believed to have visited the site in 1702.

Now owned by the state of Alabama, Bottle Creek was declared a National Historic Landmark on March 10, 1995, joining Moundville Archaeological Park as the only other Native American site so recognized in the state of Alabama. It is administered by the Alabama Historical Commission.

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Come experience Bottle Creek, a site that contains more than 18 Indian mounds, the tallest rising approximately 16 meters (52 feet) above the swamp.

Seasonal tours are offered. For more information please contact Stacye Hathorn at 334-230-2649 or

PLEASE NOTE: Individual visits to Bottle Creek is not recommended due to the threat of wild animals and the protection of this historic site. If you do visit, please remember to Leave No Trace.

The site is not available for rentals.

For more information about tours please visit Historic Blakeley State Park.

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Bottle Creek Indian Mounds is located in Mound Island, Alabama.


Site Director: Stacye Hathorn, State Archaeologist

Phone: 334-230-2649