Old Cahawba's visitors' center and museum has resumed normal operating hours at reduced capacity. Please continue to observe social distancing and other safety guidelines while on site. 

Old Cahawba is Alabama's most famous ghost town. In 1819 the town was carved out of the wilderness to be the state's first capital. Although the state changed the location of the capital in 1826, Cahawba continued to grow into a thriving and wealthy river town.

For a short time after the Civil War Cahawba attracted emancipated African Americans seeking new freedoms and politial power. By 1870, however, the population diminished to 300. By the turn of the century most of Cahawba's buildings were lost to fire, decay, or dismantlement.

Blue Star Museum: Old Cahawba proudly offers free admission to active duty military personnel and their families between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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Come experience the picturesque ruins of Old Cahawba, an important archaeological site and gateway to natural wonders.

Old Cahawba's grounds as well as the historic St. Luke's Church are available for family reunions and large gatherings.

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Amount Ticket
$2 Adult
$1 Children 6-18 years (with parent)
Annual Pass - Individual $25
Annual Pass - Family $35
Events and Programs:
Walking Tours $8
Step on Bus Tours $8
Basic Wagon Tour
(group for 2 hours)
Adult - $10, Child (under 18 years) $8
Extended Tour $15
Workshops or Classes per day $25
Group rental - picnic area (4 hours) $75
Group rental - Church
(8 hours, up to 5pm)
Group rental - Church
(4 hours)
Rental extending beyond 5pm - $50 per additional hour
Shuttle fee for canoeists to HWY 22 $15
Shuttle fee for canoeists to HWY 80 $25
Canoe rental with shuttle - weekends only $40

From Selma, Alabama, take AL-22 West for 9 miles. Turn left on County Road 9 and travel 5 miles. Turn left on County Road 2 to enter Old Cahawba.

9518 Cahaba Road, Orrville, Alabama 36767


Visitor Center: 334-872-8058