Archaeology Month

Every October we celebrate the stories written in the soil by dedicating a month to all things archaeology with Alabama Archaeology Month. This annual commemoration celebrates cultural heritage as revealed through the archaeology. You can dig in, too, with our friends and partners across the state, each with a variety of programs, exhibits, hands-on activities, and tours at parks, museums, universities, libraries, and elsewhere.

For Archaeology Month 2020, the Alabama Historical Commission is commemorating the anniversay of the 19th Amendment/Women’s Suffrage Centennial. We are saluting Alabama women in archaeology through a series of interviews to gain their wisdom, wit, and insight into the world of archaeology through the eyes of the women who are working to preserve Alabama's cultural treasures.


Click on the names below to read their Archaeology Month 2020 Interviews.

Kellie Bowers  | Meghan Buchanan  | Linda Derry  | Anne Dorland

Ashley Dumas  | Erin Dunsmore  | Lindsey Gordon | Mary Cassandra Hill

Kristen R. Koors | Bouran Mozayen | Erin Nelson | Allie Smith