The Alabama Historical Commission's Archaeological Program provides advice and archaeological services for the general public and the historic sites of the AHC. Presenting Alabama's fascinating past to the public is an important part of the AHC's Archaeological Program. We answer questions, hold workshops, and make presentations on both archaeology and regulatory topics across the State.


Every October we celebrate the stories written in the soil by dedicating a month to all things archaeology with Alabama Archaeology Month. This annual commemoration celebrates cultural heritage as revealed through the archaeology of both prehistoric and historic eras. You can dig in, too, with our friends and partners across the state, each with a variety of programs, exhibits, hands-on activities, and tours at parks, museums, universities, libraries, and elsewhere.



Our goal is to explore Alabama's prehistory and history and interpret it for the citizens of Alabama. The archaeology program at the AHC provides technical assistance primarily to the Historic Sites owned by the AHC. Depending on the availability of time and funds we can also provide technical advice for sites owned by other public institutions or by private individuals.


For more information about the Archaeology Programs, contact Stacye Hathorn at 334-230-2649 or