The Alabama Historical Commission's historical marker program began in 1975 to help preservationists inform the public about significant properties in the state. Sewah Studios manufactures all AHC markers using the State of Alabama Seal. The Alabama Historical Commission, Alabama Historic Cemetery Register, or Black Heritage Council seal is used as the emblem in the crest.

To order a marker with one of the three available AHC seals, the property must be listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places or the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage; as a contributing resource in a listed National Register or Alabama Register Historic District; or on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.

The Alabama Historical Association has a similar marker program. The Alabama Historical Association also uses Sewah Studios, but their markers feature the Alabama State Flag.

Click HERE to begin exploring the interactive map of historic properties in Alabama. This web map represents a plot of properties and historic districts in listed in our various preservation programs. Locational data on this map is considered highly accurate at all map scales, unless a specific disclaimer is made in the attribute data (typically after the property name). This map is currently a work in progress; however, the map automatically updates as new details and attachments are added. For those that prefer, this data is also available as a GIS REST Service for use with ArcGIS for Desktop. Details are listed on the map’s contents page.


As of May 28, 2024, all applications for the AHC marker and plaque program must be submitted in electronic format to the Alabama Historical Commission. Paper and/or emailed forms and documentation will no longer be accepted. All forms and supporting materials must be submitted electronically HERE for review and processing by the Alabama Historical Commission.

Historical Marker Fact Sheet


For more information about the historical marker program, contact Leanne Trupp at 334-230-2653 or leanne.trupp@ahc.alabama.gov.


For questions about refurbishing a marker, or for replacement items, please call Sewah Studios at 888-557-3924 or visit their website at www.sewahstudios.com.