The Alabama Historical Commission's historical marker program began in 1975 to help preservationists inform the public about significant buildings, sites, structures, objects, cemeteries, and districts in the state. Sewah Studios manufactures all AHC markers using the State of Alabama Seal.

The Alabama Historical Association has a similar marker program. The Alabama Historical Association also uses Sewah Studios, but their markers feature the Alabama State Flag.

To qualify for an historical marker or plaque the property must be listed in the Alabama Register, National Register, or Cemetery Register. If you are interested in purchasing an historical marker or plaque, please review the AHC Historical Marker and Plaque Packet.   


For questions about refurbishing a marker, or for replacement items, please call Sewah Studios at 888-557-3924 or visit their website at www.sewahstudios.com.


For more information about the historical marker program, contact Hannah Garmon at 334-230-2644 or hannah.garmon@ahc.alabama.gov.