Properties should be at least forty (40) years old or older and show the authenticity of its location and costruction. The property should convey a feeling for the time and place of construction.
The Alabama Register Coordinator will help answering questions about the form and all requirements, but the applicant is responsible for performing the research about a property and filling out the nomination form.
The Coordinator will visit the site if they cannot assess enough integrity from the photographs and information submitted with the application.
The Coordinator assesses each application for completeness and if there is enough historical information to understand why it should be listed in the Alabama Register. If not, the Coordinator will contact the applicant for more information. If the nomination is complete and provides sufficient information, the nomination will be scheduled for review by an AHC staff committee.
The length of time before the nomination is presented to the staff review committee is dependent upon the quality and accuracy of information provided to the AHC.
The AHC staff committee will assess the property for intact physical integrity (i.e. the amount of historic materials and features that remain) and the reasons given in the application for why it should be listed in the Alabama Register. The committee can consider the history and significance of the property, as well as a property’s historic architectural qualities.
A property can be listed without owner consent, but the AHC prefers that the owner is made aware of the nomination. If the property owner strongly objects, those nominations are considered on a case-by-case basis.
: The Coordinator will notify the applicant of the listing. The owner will also receive a certificate of listing that is signed by the Governor of Alabama and the AHC’s Executive Director. The property will be included in the official list of properties in the Alabama Register and on the AHC’s GIS Preservation Map
The AHC’s historical marker program began in 1975 to help inform the public about historically significant places in the state of Alabama. No state funding is available for purchasing markers or plaques. For more information about the historical marker program, contact Leanne Trupp at 334-230-2653 or
In an effort to keep recognition of historic properties accessible to the general public, the Alabama Register criteria and application process is not as stringent as the National Register. In addition, the Alabama Register includes properties that normally may not qualify for National Register status such as moved buildings, reconstructed buildings, and structures less than 50 years old.