The Black Heritage Council, founded in 1983 as an advisory board to the Alabama Historical Commission, advocates for the protection, preservation, and interpretation of historic African American places in Alabama. The Council consists of a 25-member board of volunteers that represent various regions of the state as well as institutions important to helping the board carry out its mission.


Mr. Joseph A. Lee



Mr. Thomas L. Coley, Jr., Member-at-large


Chair Emeritae

Ms. Louretta Wimberly, Member-at-large


Ms. Frazine Taylor, Member-at-large


Congressional District 1

Mr. Robert E. Battles, Sr.  


Congressional District 2



Congressional District 3

Dr. Kwesi Daniels


Congressional District 4

Mrs. Ethel Alexander, Parlimentarian


Congressional District 5

Mr. Joseph A. Lee


Congressional District 6

Mrs. Debra Harton Love  


Congressional District 7

Mrs. Emma Jean Melton  

Collegiate Community Representatives



Dr. Howard O. Robinson, II


Dr. Michael Anthony Walker-Jones


State Members-at-Large

Mrs. Roamelia Blackburn


Mrs. Georgia Calhoun


Ms. Phoenicia "Phoenix" Robinson


Lateefah Muhammad


Public Institution Representatives

Mr. Eddie E. Davis, Jr.

United States Department of Agriculture Representative