Archaeology: The Alabama State Site File is housed at the Office of Archaeological Research, University of Alabama. It is a digital database of all recorded archaeological sites in the state of Alabama. If you need information about known sites in your project area, please contact

All Phase I Archaeological Surveys and Phase II Testing efforts must meet AHC’s Policy for Archaeological Survey and Testing in Alabama. Standards for report writing are also included. If there is any question about methodology or reporting requirements, please contact our State Archaeologist, Stacye Hathorn at 334-230-2649 or

All Phase I archaeological reports must contain a current (less than a year old) curation agreement with a facility in Alabama which meets 36CFR regulations. Reports without this document will be sent back unreviewed.

For more information contact Stacye Hathorn, Eric Sipes, or Amanda McBride.

Architectural consultants: We do not have digital structures files; our structures files are housed in our office in hard copy only. To research our files, please make an appointment with Nicole Johnson by calling 334-230-2673 or via e-mail at

Appointment guidelines: The Alabama Historical Commission maintains files for the Alabama Register, National Register, Cemetery Register, and Architectural Survey programs. To use the AHC research files, make your appointment at least two days in advance, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am-11:30pm and/or 1pm to 4pm. The AHC is closed state holidays.

When requesting an appointment, please provide the county/counties of interest, an emergency contact number where you can be reached the day of your appointment, and whether you prefer the morning and/or afternoon appointment. Contact Nicole Johnson at 334-230-2673 to make appointments or for further information.

AHC Research Policy

For more information on architectural survey issues, please contact Leanne Waller-Trupp.

For any additional questions concerning Section 106 surveys, please see Alabama Guidelines: Preparing Reports for Historic Architectural Resources under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and Alabama Historical Commission Policy for Archaeological Survey and Testing in Alabama.