1. Complete the Project Review Consultation Form. This is a fillable PDF, but you may also print it out before completing it. (If you are submitting an archaeological or architectural survey report (cultural resources assessment report), skip to step 3.) This form must be completely filled out or it may cause us to request additional information. Remember, each time information is sent to us for review, the 30-day review clock begins again. Please be a specific and detailed as possible in your description of the project. For example, instead of stating that you propose to “make improvements to property”, a better way to explain is to state that you propose to “construct a boat ramp, concrete sea wall, and finger pier”. Or instead of “housing updates”, tell us that you propose to replace windows, install HVAC equipment, and add an ADA ramp to the front of the house”. The more detail we have, the faster we can get the project comments to you! *Please note that the form requires photos of the project area, a written description of the proposed project/action, an email address to whom our letter should be addressed, and a map of the project area. Please also include Latitude and Longitude location information for your project. If you have previously submitted information about this project, you must include our AHC tracking number.

2. Mail the PRC form to the address and contact at the bottom of the last page. We cannot accept emailed projects at this time.

3. If you are submitting an archaeological or structural survey report, you do not need to submit a PRC form. Instead, mail one hard copy and one digital copy of the report to Lee Anne Wofford, Deputy SHPO Alabama Historical Commission Attn: Section 106 Review 468 South Perry Street Montgomery, Alabama 36130-0900 (US Post) 36104 (courier).

4. The project will be entered into our database for tracking, then the appropriate reviewer (s) will receive the project. We review projects in the order in which they were received. If your project is received by our office on the 5th of the month, you will receive a response by the 5th of the next month. We have 30 calendar days to respond, and we usually need all 30 days to complete our review due to reduced staff and increased volume of projects. We prefer to send our letters via e mail rather than U.S. mail, so be sure to put the contact’s name and email address on the PRC form. Please limit your calls or e-mails to ask about the status of your project to projects that have been in this office for at least 30 days.